Home Medical Equipment

Ventura County residents will be happy to know that we at College Care RX have a huge stock of medical equipment to use in the home, all of which are designed to increase both safety and mobility.

Safety Equipment

For those with less mobility, the majority of injuries incurred in the house happen in the bathroom. With safety equipment installed, these injuries don’t have to occur. Rails, raised toiled seats and even bathtub chairs are just a few of the home safety equipment products we offer.

Mobility Equipment

Suffering from mobility issues can be frustrating, which is why it’s important to have certain equipment installed in the home that assists with mobility. Seat lifts can raise you from a sitting position and have a weight capacity of around 300 pounds. Scooters and wheelchairs are also available.

Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic patients often have difficulties with standard footwear due to how the disease affects the feet, often resulting in pain, calluses and ulcers. We mitigate these issues by offering specially-designed diabetic shoes.

Equipment We Carry

scooter Scooters

lift Seat Lifts

wheelchair Wheelchairs

walker Walkers


Home Bath

Safety Equipment

Compression Wear